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about Your baddie guide

Your Baddie Guide’s purpose is to teach how to be a fearless woman, the woman who speaks what she thinks and is ready to conquer the world.
It’s created to teach you how to stand for yourself and do NOT apologize for that. The shop itself bucks new fashion trends bringing back pop-culture & 00’s memories to the life by creating an original clothing&gifts collection.

The company’s biggest mission is supporting women in their journey through life, helping them in being more aware of what is possible and, by fun and sarcasm, sharing valuable information in order to solve their daily struggles.


Nothing is that terrible as we think it is. It’s just our mind obsessing and overthinking. By putting all of the problems in a different light, we are able to see a triviality of what we consider as a downside.


Full of sarcasm, Your BADDIE Guide will continue a legacy of empowering women to live life to the fullest and bring their daily (r)evolutions.

No matter the insecurities we all have, no matter our current struggles, no matter that guy who has treated us bad.


Not only you can shop for an unique apparel, but also dive into our inspirational sassy blog and motivational Podcast.

You will find here a wide range of topics starting from fashion, beauty, news ending with dating experience, confidence, motivation.

Your Baddie Guide is all about support. We want everyone to feel understood. We create it so that we all – younger and older women – share the relatable experience.

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