2000s makeup trends

Even though current makeup ideas  might seem like a far cry from the frosty lids and shiny lips, now,  popular Maddie’s from Euphoria looks run into the 00’s beauty trends.

We really opt for bringing some of them back. Scroll down to see what we mean.


This 00’s purple eyeshadow


There’s nothing more 2000s than heavy purple eyeshadow – especially when paired with pink blush and shiny lips, à la Britney Spears. Cute and elegant. Many makeup artists are still using it as an inspiration in their work.


This colorful eyeliner


Early aughts red carpet was falling for this idea back then. Ah, this brightly colored eyeliner! The color was often picked so that it could match the chunky accessories.



This 00’s frosted lip gloss


Matte stays longer, but gloss is more fun. Especially while you’re wearing a mask our dear psychopath, and we love you.

Here’s a look combining both shiny lips and purple eyeshadow.

In the 2000s, the frostier your lips were, the better they looked. No outfit felt complete without applying three, or seven, layers of lip gloss with s shimmery finish. It was just MANDATORY.


This pink blush


The prefect touch of every makeup must have been cute pinky blush. All the celebrities had just fallen in love with it.



These matching lids and lipstick


Matchy-matchy makeup trends were on fire in the 00’s. Here you have a cute look from Alicia Keys from 2001 as an example. Isn’t it look awesome?



This smudged eye makeup


Surely, this kind of eye makeup is STILL one of Lisa Bonet’s distinguishable looks.

It comes from 2000s era and there’s no doubt it’s still on top. Especially, if you don’t have so much time. Just take your favorite eyeshadow, we recommend light, shimmery colors, and smudge it out with your fingers.


This 00’s glowy skin


Without an argument, we all say that it was and it is the best makeup trend going on.

Glow makeup is FABULOUS. In 00’s especially, it was less about contouring or defining, and more about highlighting. Take into account using matte foundation with a couple sweeps of warm shimmery powder.


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