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4 Iconic Trends From 00’s Are Coming Back

Oh, nostalgic 00’s. It was the time when we were all watching Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, listening to “Dirty” by Christina Aguilera and typing our AIM away messages LiKe ThIs. For many millennials, looking back on this iconic period of our lives is like teleporting themselves to the past filled with amazing memories and,  without a doubt, most devastating embarrassments; the sense of style might probably fall into the latter category for some people. But the thing is, that looking at the photos of, for example, pop culture icons wearing 2000s fashion trends gives us butterflies in a stomach.

Maybe we are biased by 2000s nostalgia, but this period of time was for us the beginning of the sense of fashion and trying out new ideas.

“For preteens, those early choices that they are able to make of their wardrobe become really important”- says Natalie Nudell, adjunct instructor in the art history and museum professions department at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Velour tracksuits


This is one of the trends that are coming back, and we’re really happy. Iconic velour sweatsuits, made famous by Juicy Couture, are both cute and comfortable.

Moreover, they would match perfectly with some luxury loungewear.


Trucker Hats, Especially Von Dutch Hats

It was one of MUST-HAVE accessories in that time. Don’t bitch us out, but we don’t even know who Von Dutch was, but obviously we know who are Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, who were rocking Von Dutch during an episode of The Simple Life. They made it important to own this kind of hat for everyone.


Butterfly Clips


This is another trend which came back. Not only just butterfly clips, but even an apparel including a butterfly pattern. We just LOVE IT.

Coming back to the clips – whether they were those multicolored ones that came in a pack of 10 or the silver, glittery ones that made it look like as if a butterfly has just landed in your hair, we need to bring the butterfly clips back. Moreover, they perfectly restrain baby hairs!

butterly hair clips
Click on the picture to shop for them!


Cool Sassy Shirts

For several years of the 00’s period, you’d been able to find them in every mall and a kiosk or a storefront where people were airbrushing custom t-shirts. Airbrushed shirts were so popular, that people were even buying one with their name on it or couples getting a matching pair.



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